Friday, November 24, 2006

Obscure Press reprints is offering the 1913 volume of the Numismatic Chronicle published by 'Obscure Press'.

The publisher describes the book as follows:

Originally published in 1913. Eight papers on ancient numismatics, 13 papers on medieval/modern, one on Oriental. Four Notices of Recent Publications, Index (p. 448 f), 22 plates (p. 457 f), Proceedings (p. 478 f). List of Fellows (p. 504 f). The papers on ancients are 'The Coins of Hierapolis in Phrygia', Leo Weber; 'The First Corbridge Find', H. A. Grueber; 'Chronology of the Danubian Wars of the Emperor Marcus Antonius', Rev. C. H. Dodd; 'Greek Coins acquired by the British Museum 1911-1912', G. F. Hill; 'Helena N. F.', P. H. Webb; 'Some Cretan Coins', Capt. J. S. Cameron and G. F. Hill; 'Countermarked Coins of Asia Minor', J. G. Milne; 'Some Uncertain Coins associated with Chios', J. Mavrogordato. Author: Oliver Codrinoton,M.D., And G.C. Brooke

Google Books also has a copy.

Who is Obscure Press? I don't know. Their description of 'their' book seems familiar to me, because I wrote it! The description comes from the Million Book Project page for Numismatic Chronicle 1913.

That page allows anyone to download a PDF of the volume. A Million Book user downloaded the book and sent it to a Print on Demand publisher.

I think this is a great idea. It will be an even greater idea if the Million Book Project, or Google, managed to scan in all the volumes and Obscure press figured this out well enough to create pleasant spines.

It's too bad the Royal Numismaic Society doesn't do anything like this.

If the founders of 'Obscure Press' are among my readers please tell us of your forthcoming titles in the comments section.

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