Monday, January 08, 2007

Jewish revolt coinage at Bi-Lo grocery?

WLTX, news channel 19 from Columbia South Carolina tells us Sumter Woman Finds Possible Ancient Coin In Grocery Change.

The coin looks fake, but coin expert Ken Lyles has dated it to Bar Kokhba's revolt.

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J. Guberman said...

Just because someone has 50 years experience doesn't mean their an expert by any means. As Harry Truman once said, "an expert is an expert because they're afraid of learning something new, then they wouldn't be an expert anymore."

This coin is a rather common fake modeled on Bar Kokhba but having as much to do with him and his era as piltdown man has to do with the missing link.

Dave Hendin has written about this piece in his recent forgeries book as well as in THE CELATOR. The so called Hebrew script on the coin bears a striking resemblance to script that did not exist at the time of Bar Kokhba and by all visible evidence is not an ancient coin, so Mr. Lyles 50 years experience shows that he should "trust but verify". This "coin" does not meet the standards of proof by any means.