Tuesday, November 06, 2007

snible.org still down

Snible.org comes from LinuxWebHost.com, which depends on servers from Alabanza.com. Alabaza was acquired two months ago by NaviSite. NaviSite apparently laid off many of the folks who run the Baltimore data center where snible.org lived and were moving things to Andover Massachusettes because the lease on the Baltimore center was over.

Here is an article on what is happening: http://www.ipdemocracy.com/archives/2007/11/05/
Latest info from Alabanza at http://www.navisite.com/sublevel.aspx?id=2017

According to a post on webhostingtalk.com, 175,000 web site are down because NaviSite fouled this move.

They tried to move a few weeks ago, sites were down for maybe an hour, and they rolled back the move. They got a lot of flack for failing the move, so this time when they had problems they just decided to work through it.

Apparently direct customers of Andover are getting a couple of uniformative messages a day about the problem. I've heard nothing from LinuxWebHost.com. I called them and they now just tell me to watch for updates on Alabanza.com

Supposedly 30 techs are working on this problem, although another source says over 100.


Wes Linda said...

If you'd like updates, I have been keeping a running log at http://worldfireweb.wordpress.org. This has been for my client base and hosts not getting emails to this point on the situation.

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