Sunday, May 11, 2008

American Journal of Numismatics

Google is starting to make available copies the American Journal of Numismatics (first series). The originals are coming from Harvard's collection.

July 1870-July 1871 vol. V
July 1872 vol. VII
July 1874-July 1875 vol IX
July 1876-July 1877 vol XI
July 1882-July 1883 vol. XVII
July 1886-July 1887 vol XXI
July 1888, vol XXIII
July 1890-July 1891 vol. XXV
July 1894-July 1895 vol XXIX
July 1896-July(April?) 1897 vol XXXI
July 1902-April 1903 vol XXXVII
July 1906-April 1907 vol XLI
1917 vol LI

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