Saturday, December 06, 2008

New book on the Athenian Dekadrachm

The ANS is offering The Athenian Decadrachm, a new book by Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert, at a pre-publication price of $50. List price will be $95.

The book will include a die-study of forty genuine decadrachms. The book also promises a full account of forgeries including ninety examples. I'm hoping for a longer telling of the story of how the British Museum acquired the Christodoulous fake.

(Mark Jones (Fake? The Art of Deception) wrote “[George Hill] spotted it, it is said, at a social function, nestling in the bosom of an attractive Greek lady...”)

I encourage non-members join the ANS to obtain the $45 pre-order discount.

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Arthur said...

Gee, I am looking forward to this publication. Especially because I had some arguments with Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert about fakes. He is convinced that some Athenian Decas are real, the ones that I declared fake (together with the IBSCC) Anyway, glad that the book will be there. I am looking forward.