Monday, February 02, 2009

German police are seizing ancient collections

Cultural Property Observer reports with English translation on German seizures of ancient coin collections containing undocumented items.
In one case, German police seized a pensioner's entire coin collection after he bought four coins on an Internet auction site (eBay?). Apparently, unbeknown to pensioner, the seller was under some sort of police investigation related to cultural property issues.

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CoinssCoinss said...

I believe that there isn't any serious matter to worry with all this news. Just each us must learn the lows who relating their country for the possession of antiquities.
As for ebay also i don't believe that there will be a real problem as far the collectors. It isn't a market at the dark side. There is element's for both,seller and buyer. If there is a problem it isn't for the buyer.
It's good to keep records for all of ours transactions.
And all of us its good to support the ACCG.