Thursday, March 12, 2009

Incredibly Strange Appraisal Mathematics reports on the Tamoikins, who have Solved the Last Unregulated Marked of Art, Antiquity, and Collectables!

A 107 page PDF by Dmitriy and Mikhail Tamoikin (of the Tamoikin Family Museum apparently of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) explains the solution.
With Method TES any trained customs officer can make an independent appraisal of any item. If the owner already has a TES appraisal the officer can check its legitimacy and personally audit the entire process. Complete Item Information Document stores all known information about the item in a user friendly format allowing any person without training fully understand what is written in the document and how relevant that information is. Secure Item Identification System (SIIS) provides a unique identity to an item so that even identical copies are easily told apart and the issue of authenticity becomes no longer a problem. Finally all information is registered in what will become a Unified National Database giving policing agencies an incredible tool against art crime.


Tamoikins Knowledge Institute totally solved the problem of lending money for art, antiquity and collectibles opening to the banks and wide public a completely new money lending sector! How? By providing the banking industry everything it needs to safely lend money to everyone regardless of their social status. If a person is of adult age and has no problems acquiring a credit card, he or she can use personally owned art, antiquity and collectibles as collateral to borrow money!
There is also a Russian Patent, filed in 2005, Method for Evaluating Collectibles and Device for Carrying out Said Method.

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Anonymous said...

After reading the entire publication or book "Solving the Last Unregulated Market of Art, Antiquity and Collectibles" I was very impressed with what the authors were able to achieve. This will literally turn the entire market upside down in the positive way of course. Tamoikins system of appraisal called Method TES is based on math as should any appraisal system that involves money but I would add to this that Method TES is more based on logic since what authors did could have been done a very long time ago. What is even more interesting is the entire SYSTEM TES (not to be confused with Method TES which is only a part of this system). The System TES (read the publication) will make the art and antiquity market a an incredible place to be for all players big or small. Finally as the title of the book says the market will be stabilized and become accessible / understandable for business world. If Obama's administration is looking for a recovery tools they don't have to look very far. This system will literally make billions of dollars for America or any other country for that matter.

Mark Levine Ph.D
New York - London