Thursday, April 09, 2009

CNG 81 Auction up

CNG Mail Bid Sale 81 is up on the CNG home page. Over 2000 ancient coins, including 921 Peloponnesian lots called BCD Peloponnesos II. Electronic Auction 209 is also up, with nearly 500 lots of ancients.


John Pennock said...

So do you think this CNG Catalog will become a reference like the BCD Pelopnessos I? Or are most of the types repeats?

Ed Snible said...

Most of the types are repeats in lesser quality but a few are not! 921 lots is a huge number for this region of Greece. The Peloponnesos I catalog had 1775 lots. Although many of those lots featured multiple coins 921 more lots makes this a must-have companion to the first. The new auction features some rare pieces, like the only example of this facing Kallisto of Mantinea in private hands.