Thursday, July 23, 2009

Peter Rosa on YouTube

Someone has made an animated slide show of Greek Coin replica dies made by Peter Rosa. The video is set to some classical music that I don't recognize.

There is also a Part 2.


lwht said...

Begs the question ...Why?

Even with the nice background music I fail see either the motivation of the producer, or the merit in a video clip of a static phenomenon, such as a bunch of faker's dies or coins.

Am I missing something?

Ed Snible said...

I posted the video because it is very strange! (Nearly as strange as the works of Gregory Zorzos.) Is the viewer supposed arrive at this video already knowing who Peter Rosa is? Why show the dies as 2D objects instead of as dies? Why preface them with locations and dates of the original? How did Catherine512 get access to these dies (presumably they are the dies Wayne Sayles donated to the ANS)?

lwht said...

Mystifying indeed!

Anonymous said...

peter rosa was my godfather was raised by him the video of the dyes was a gift for all of you to wayne sale never saw these dyes all he ever got was zinc dyes,,these are burelium they can take the striking of over 40,000 lbs..I was left over 700 lbs of his replicas when he passed away in the early 90s enjoy