Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New oline issue of Counterfeit Coin Newsletter

Issue 13 of Robert Matthews' Counterfeit Coin Newsletter is available on his web site. It includes short coverage of a 2009 'hoard' of late Roman bronze, then ten most expensive counterfeits authenticated by PCGS, Turkish tourist fakes, and as usual coverage of fake UK 1 pound coins.

(There is also a nice photo of an ornamental vase made of old coins the author saw on holiday in the Ukraine.)

Newton and the Counterfeiter is briefly reviewed, as well as scientific papers on "Using the optical mouse sensor as a two-euro counterfeit coin detector" and "Laser and electron beams physical analysis applied to the comparison between two silver tetradrachm Greek coins".


Anonymous said...

Here's another very cool "fake" coin that might be of interest:

I want one! :-)


Ed Snible said...

Hollow spy coins have been making a comeback. bOING bOING forgot that they covered them last year. Here are links to some more unusual ones.

Anonymous said...
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Lightw4re said...

Thx for the info! I'm happy to see what happen to the 1912 canadian counterfeit coin.