Sunday, April 16, 2006

Numismatic titles reprinted by University of Michigan

(This was my e-Sylum submission this week. I am posting it here to make this blog look more active).

Numismatic titles reprinted by University of Michigan

"The University of Michigan Library has gotten into the reprint business. Their first numismatic titles were issued late last year.

Amazon lists the publisher as "Scholarly Publishing Office, University of Michigan Library". That office has aweb site,, but it doesn't mention reprints.

Quality control can't be very high, as at least one title is Misspelled. Also, the UofM has neglected to supply author's names to Amazon, except as part of titles.

Some of these books are also available for free through -- but not all -- suggesting that the UofM is picking titles rather than reprinting everything Google scans. The first title choices are rather odd, though. Not what I would have chosen.

I recently used the UofM's MITS service (Michigan Information Transfer Source) to obtain a printout of a rare 1885 book. MITS prices are about the same as other libraries' copy services, 25 cents a page, the benefit of MITS is that you get the option of downloading a PDF instead of waiting in the mail for Xeroxes. MITS won't copy whole copyrighted books, though. I recommend this service."
The coinages of the world; ancient and modern. By Geo. D. Mathews. Illustrated with several hundred engravings of the principal coins (312 pages, $24, reprint from 1876)
A description of ancient and modern coins, in the cabinet collection at the Mint of the United States. Prepared and arranged under the direction of James Ross Snowden (420 pages, $27, year ???)
Catalogue of a selection from Colonel Leake's Greek coins, exhibited in the Fitzwilliam museum, by Churchill Babington (54 pages, $15, from 1867)
Catalogue of the cabinet of coins belonging to Yale college, deposited in the College library (48 pages, $12, from 1863)
Coins, medals, and seals, ancient and modern. Illustrated and described. With a sketch of the history of coins and coinage, instructions for young collectors, ... and American coins, medals and tokens, &c. (302 pages, $24, from 1861)
New varieties of gold and silver coins, counterfeit coins, ad bullion; with mint values (SIC!) (132 pages, $17, from 1850)"

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