Friday, April 07, 2006

Wayne Sayles discusses this letter to the editor of the New York Times over at his Ancient Coin Collecting blog.

The article that prompted the letter is still visible on the Times web site. This article informs us that professor Randall White has resigned from New York University's Center for Ancient Studies. Professor White is outraged that his university accepted money from Ms. Shelby White (no relation), an antiquities collector.

Mr. White's actions don't go far enough. He should have resigned his professorship. That would have shown the University that he is willing to play hardball! NYU will learn not to mess with Professor White!

Professor Jack Davis, at the University of Cincinnati, says "I can't imagine that we would, under any circumstances, accept money from Shelby White for any purpose." I wonder if Professor Davis would say that if he was personally offered $200 mill with no strings attached for his own pet projects? It is easy to refuse money that no one is ever going to offer you.

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