Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Monnaies Grecques by Imhoof-Blumer

An important book, Monnaies Grecques (1883) by Imhoof-Blumer recently appeared on Google.

Just last week I made a special trip to the ANS to examine their copy. But of course that copy was too fragile to photocopy, so I ended up copying paragraphs longhand in a language I don't understand. Not fun. Furthmore, plate J includes a unique coin that I badly wanted a picture of. I usually bring a digital camera to the library to take pictures of fragile book pages but forgot.

So 'yeah!' to Google.

You can download a PDF copy (15.3M), but it won't have text and won't be searchable. If you have access it's better to read it online.

I recently made a CD-ROM for an acquiantance of various public-domain numismatic PDFs from Google. It came to 550MB. Google uses low-ish resolution and compresses agressively so a single CD can contain over 30 books. Next time I make such a CD it will include this classic.

Also new is De la valeur des monnaies romaines (1879) by Emile Levasseur.

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