Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What is 'cashsoldier.com'?

snible.org's provider, linuxwebhost.com, gives me statistics about how much traffic I receive and where it's coming from.

When uesrs visit snible.org through links (rather than bookmarks) the pageview rank is:

36% from cashsoldier.com
29% from other snible.org pages
10% from google.com, google UK, and google Canada
6% from wildwinds.com
2% from adblusky.com
1% from yahoo search

I'm certain the traffic from Wildwinds is people seeking ancient coin info. I get slightly more traffic from Google. I don't know the terms the Google visitors want, but I expect a lot of them are looking for coin and ancient greece info.

I was surprised to see cashsoldier.com in the top spot. 9185 requests for 'VerifyerLevel.php' from them. Some kind of bot or malware trying to hack me?

Requests from them just started this month. A few web sites have cashsoldier and VerifyLevel.php in their logs, but I haven't seen any report of what is trying to be accomplished by requesting that file from me 9000+ times.

PS This week is the New York Invitational Coin Show. No weekend hour for this show &mdash it's Wednesday through Friday. I am not sure I want to take a vacation day to attend a coin show. If I had a day for coins I'd rather go to the ANS library. Any readers going to the show?

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Anonymous said...

Okay, so what is cashsoldier, did you find out what's going on 'cos it is happening to me also. If you have an answer, perhaps you could tack it onto your blog for that date.