Sunday, October 22, 2006


Yesterday I became an ANS Fellow. This is a big honor. I'm in good company; David Sear became a fellow at the same time. I had not realized I was nominated, although I see my name at the bottom of a list of 2006 Nominations for office. My biography there says I write legal websites which isn't quite true. I write numismatic websites. I also write software and patents.

Luckily I attended the presentation of Agoranomia to professor Jack Kroll and to hear the lecture by Andrew Meadows, and found out about the nomination, and the election the following day. And my suit was clean. So I went, and was elected Fellow.

Fellows get to vote at the ANS meeting, but it's a one-party system. Fellows vote yes/no on the board's recommendations. There is no electioneering or campaign speeches at the annual meeting.

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RJO said...

Congratulations! Now you get to sign your name "Ed, F.A.N.S."