Saturday, October 14, 2006

Index to BCD Peloponnesos

Coins of Peloponnesos: The BCD Collection gets my vote for numismatic book of the year. Although only an auction catalog, it has better text and more interesting coins than anything else I've seen - so far - this year.

The coins themselves are searchable on coinarchives but the printed book itself contains a great deal of descriptive text, new theories, etc.

Today I was looking for coins of Cranii [= Kranion] from the island of Cephallenia [= Kefalonia or Kephallonia] in the catalog. There aren't any coins from the island, but it took me a while to figure this out. I could have realized this a lot faster if I'd used the downloadable index to BCD Peloponnesos. Highly recommended.

I have acquired the catalogs of all of the BCD auctions. The others are Boeotia, Euboea, and Corinth. This collection will be an important reference in the future, at least as important as SNG von Aulock is for Asia Minor, and the volumes are must-haves for collectors of Greek coins.


Basil said...

bcd is flattered by your comments on his collection catalogues. Anyone (including you) who wants the errata sheets please email bcd at
Errata sheets are important as they correct all, or nearly all, the mistakes in a catalogue.

FERNANDO said...


It does a little time I bought a coin that belonged to the collection BCD. Coins of the Peloponnesos: The BCD Collection. I have tried to obtain the catalogue of the auction, but till now it has been impossible.

I wanted to ask for, if you might scan the page of the catalogue corresponding to the lot 601 (ACHAIA. Pellene. Circa 300-250 BC. Æ Chalkous (12mm - 1.76 g). Kithara / Tripod, P-E across fields. BCD Peloponnesos 601; BMC 5.) and send the image to my e-mail.

Of this form it would be much easier to me to document the piece that I have just bought.

On the other hand if at some time you decide to sell the catalogue do not hesitate to comment on it to me.

If finally you decide to send the scanned page, my e-mail is

Many thanks and congatulations for the blog.

Best regards from Spain,


esnible said...

esnible said...
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FERNANDO said...

Hi Ed,

The post in Forum has put by friend, but I can't see the picture of the scan in the post of Forum Ancient coins.

Later I found this post in your blog and because of it I decided to write to you.

Thank you for everything, best regards from Spain.



I study thw coinage of Thouria , peloponnese, Greece.
I wanted to ask for, if you might scan the page of the catalogue corresponding to the lot 830 Thouria (830.1 830.2 830.3 .... 830.6)
Thank you!
Dr George Skouras
Para Arioxori
24009 Kalamata