Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dritto, a symbol for 'Obverse'

We've previously discussed numismatic symbols meaning 'reverse'.

Francesco Gnecchi's Monete romane: Manuale elementare comp (1896), in Italian, provides on pages 9-11 lists of Italian, French, English, and German numismatic abbreviations and symbols with corresponding meanings in Italian.

He includes the symbol that resembles the Prescription sign, ℞, which he considers Italian and English. His symbol has a wild look: the crossbar is curved and nearly as big as the R.

Gnecchi also includes a symbol I haven't seen before, resembling a D with a large tilde through it, which he defines as 'Dritto'.

I have never encountered this Dritto symbol. However, I don't read Italian books on numismatics. If you have seen this symbol elsewhere, please post a comment.

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