Saturday, January 12, 2008


I saw a demonstration of MA-Shops at NYINC today. It is a European competitor to VCoins. Supposedly there are 120,000 items for sale on it already. I see 1350 ancient Greek coins, 3082 Romans, and 213 Byzantine. 922 Medieval. A lot of modern coins, especially German. About 500 numismatic books.

I like MA-Shops' ability to view by category. I think that's better than VCoins, which has per-store categories but no overall. The downside of MA-Shops is the search functions. It doesn't support wildcard searching (*). It doesn't support automatic synonym searching. Those features what makes VCoins great, and they are needed even more on MA-Shops because a lot of the descriptive text on the site isn't in English. This means a lot of searching for the same term in various languages.


MA-Shops said...

We are working on the wildcard function and it will be availabe in some days.

We are using a new search software and this one is also much faster then the old one.

Anonymous said...

The wildcard function is available on

So search for e.G.
so get all Russian coins, the German "Russland" and the english "Russia", etc.

to get the "Hadrianus" and "Hadrian" and "Hadrien" items.