Saturday, February 23, 2008

$2 auction catalogs

The American Numismatic Society is selling duplicates in preparation for the move. The catalogs for the first part of this sale are now online.

The ANS is charging $2 per title! That is a pretty good price for some of these titles, like The Garrett Collection, which regularly sell on eBay for much more.

The catalog of US dealer catalogs is 28 pages. The non-US dealer catalog is 97 pages. These catalogs were put together in haste, and some US dealers like Freeman & Sear appear in the non-US list. So check both.

Some of the catalogs go back to the '50s but must seem to be from the '80s and '90s.

I was surprised to see Numismatic Fine Arts catalog in the sale. Retiring librarian Campbell kept the library's good copies in the Rare Book Room. He would get particular auctions if asked... but there was no browsing. For that reason, I've never seen a real NFA catalog! It used to bug me that Mionnet's own copy of Mionnet (1806-1837), with his hand-annotations, was in the open stacks — but recent NFA catalogs were in the rare book room.

I sent in an order for the NFA catalogs (but not the fixed price lists...)

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