Thursday, February 28, 2008

The bizarre ancient coin videos of Gregory Zorzos

Strange ancient coins by Gregory Zorzos

Coins with Sphinx by Gregory Zorzos

Coins of Alexander the Great Vol 4 by Gregory Zorzos

Coins of the Seleucid Kings by Gregory Zorzos

The ancient Macedonian coins, the Greek letters and the lies

etc, etc, etc...


Reid Goldsborough said...

You might mention that Gregory Zorzos appears to get his coin images by lifting them from other sites without asking permission. Nevermind, I'll mention this. Every single image in his video "Coins of Alexander the Great Vol 4" is an photo I took of my coins that are at my Web site on Alexander coinage.

Ed Snible said...

I believe his Seleukid images come from scans I did of British Musueum catalogs.

It is also unlikely that he is both a techno musician and is a mens choir.