Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Any topics?

My last post descended into covering current US politics. This is probably a mistake! What numismatic / computer / digitization topics do readers wish covered in future posts? Reply in a comment with suggestions.


CoinssCoinss said...

i enjoy your blog with the form that have until now.
Numismatic and arround topics is just fine for me.

My best wishes

Ed Snible said...

'Stick with numismatics!' I like that.

Sitemeter.com says I get 30 visitors a day. I don't know if that's accurate. Of my last twenty viewers six have no known origin but are probably bookmarks or feed readers, 11 from Google, and one of them from JG's blog A Survey of Ancient Coins.

If most of my readers are visiting for a particular kind of post and skipping the other junk then let me know. If any readers have written a numismatic book and want me to review it send me a free copy. Even if you have something vaguely related to promote it is OK to post a reply here.

I used to have a 'blog list' with other blogs but I lost it and now I only list SCOTVS CAPITIS. There are more active coin blogs than there used to be including your blog COINS COINS. You have kept at yours for a while but it used to be whenever I'd link to a coin blog the author would lose interest after a few weeks. If anyone has a numismatic web site or blog reply and if I think it's novel I'll review it.

CoinssCoinss said...

First of all,sorry for my poor english.
Depends on how you do you see your blog.
My blog for example. I made it to help me to continue my collection.
I have target to upload one coin every day and wanting or not continue to buy.(smile here)
Of course I like to see many visitors but it isn't my focus . I don't sell anything or think about selling at the future to think so much about many visitors.
My collection,coins , auctions, site I visit often. You can say that is my “favorite” online.
Now if i can offer assistance to someone who will see it , this was be a great pleasure for me, because in the world of collectors there is many help,like your “Historia”.
I think your online job is great and your blog its a part of it and i dont think that some of your post is junk.
You know,before your posts with books auctions I did not know that books are offered for auction. I had never looked so much an auction,greek coins and thats it.
I took a lot from a post that is nothing for you or someone else.You never know what kind of post is good.
Keep your great job.