Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gregory Zorzos goes commercial

Gregory Zorzos, whose strange ancient coin YouTube videos have been discussed before has gone commercial.

His videos Ancient coins from Bactriane and PICTURES OF BYZANTINE COINS
are available from as video on demand.

The price is $25 for a digital download that can be played on two computers. The Baktrian video can also be rented for seven days for $2. The first two minutes of the videos can be seen for free by following the links above.


lwht said...

"The first two minutes of the videos can be seen for free by following the links above" ..... but only if you are viewing it from a computer located in the USA.

Ed Snible said...

When viewing outside the USA is the video still available for purchase? Or is the contents totally off-limits for Europeans? I believe Zorzos is a Greek national, so it's surprising the content is US-only.

lwht said...

It appears from the Terms and Conditions sale as well as viewing is limited to the US. To quote from the website...


Due to restrictions placed on us by our content providers, we are currently only able to make the Service available to customers located in the United States. We regret that you may not use the Service if you are outside of the United States. If you are inside the United States, you may not transfer Digital Content outside the United States. "United States" refers to the 48 contiguous United States, the District of Columbia, Alaska and Hawaii.

Grant Gurney said...
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