Saturday, July 15, 2006

28 Years Sought for Suspects in Usak Museum Theft

Zaman Online brings an update on the Uşak Museum theft. Three suspects remain at large.

(Via PhDiva, which copies the short article in its entirety.)

The identity of the missing ancient coin is still unknown. Interpol's list of stolen art doesn't include the Uşak pieces. There have been many pictures in the Western press of the seahorse, but nothing on the coin. It is possible that the coin is the one that illustrated a 2003 article on the treasure, long before the theft.

I would like to see the coin because 1) it's news and 2) I'd like to spot it for sale in an auction somewhere. Non-specialists think coins are anonymous and there is a chance the thieves will pass the coin to raise money to smuggle out the broach. A specialist will spot the coin if he is looking for it.

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