Thursday, July 13, 2006

BMC Macedonia Etc

BMC Macedonia, Etc (1879, by Barclay Head) has arrived on Google Print:

Preface, Contents, Introduction, Coins, Indexes

This was the last volume without plates. Coins were illustrated with engravings in line with the text. For the next volume, Ptolemies, Kings of Egypt, plates would be used for the first time.

BMC Corinth and Colonies is back.

Preface, Contents, Introduction, Coins, Indexes, Plates

Previously we reported on this volume appearing on Google Print, then going away. It's back. It appears to be a re-scan — I'd saved a copy of the plates the first time and today's plates look different. Both scans are from Stanford University library. I'm working on the reverse-index. The scanner did a horrible job — not only are there black dropouts as seen in the Parthia scan there are also white dropouts, duplicate pages, and out-of-order pages.

On a personal note, three BMC volumes — physical volumes, on dead trees — showed up at my doorstep yesterday. Forni reprints. I've been coveting an entire set for some time, and at the price I couldn't resist acquiring these volumes towards that end. I didn't really need them — the volumes are Pontus, Palestine, and Mesopotamia. I already have SNG Black Sea which re-does the Pontus coins, and I don't collect much from Palestine nor Mesopotamia.

I've often wondered how Forni got to reprint these. Do they have an arrangement with the British Museum? Or did they merely take advantage of the then-short Italian copyright law.

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