Friday, July 21, 2006

Would you like some help?

A few years ago I added a 'beg message' to the Historia Numorum web site asking for help illustrating the book with plates from the 19th century works cited by Head when he wrote the book. I need volunteers to scan, or sell me cheap books, or let me borrow a few titles from their library.

I figured it would be easy to get 25-50 people each donating a couple of hours, and I'd get the plates to 50 or 100 books online.

That hasn't happened. I got a few BMC volume plates. The biggest contributor has been 'Google Books', although they don't know it.

Let's turn it around.

Maybe rather than you helping me, I can help you. Do you need anything for your web site? I have a decent library and I'm a good researcher. I know HTML and can write Javascript. I can spare a few hours to help a fellow ancient coin webmaster or blogger. Is there anything you'd like for your site, but don't know how to get? Email me or post a comment below.

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