Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dissertatio de Alexandri Magni Numismate

Syvert Haverkamp, Dissertatio de Alexandri Magni Numismate.

Google brings us a 1722 dissertation on ancient coins with 22 pages of somewhat bizarre engravings.

(A search on the general web found a copy for sale for $1350 and one recently sold at auction for €260.)

Google is really doing well with numismatic books, probably because the participating libraries have deep numismatic holdings. Google's book holdings are difficult to search but have recently gotten faster.

I've been hyperlinking titles in the Historia Numorum bibliography directly to titles in Google books. I'm not sure if this is a good idea; Google hasn't guarenteed the links will be permanent. Google has said the Book Search isn't for reading, it's for finding. Which is unfortunate, because Google could make a great library. It could also become, for numismatics, something much better than a library. Imagine if ISEGRIM's search engine could display pages from Google Book Search...

You may enjoy the official Google Book Search blog.

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