Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Google Print

Google Print has changed it's user interface, putting the book page to the left and the search form to the right.

A book I was excited about, the BMC Catalog of Greek Coins / Corinth, has been missing from Google for several weeks. The page is still there but the full, searchable and viewable text is gone. I don't understand what causes Google to take down books already scanned.

BMC Mysia, Cyrenaica, and Lycia have appeared but without searching. Google unfortunately scanned the 1964 Forni reprints rather than the first editions, so believes the copyright date is 1964. I doubt Google will ever make these titles fully viewable — unless perhaps they accidently scan the first editions.

Three publications of the American Numismatic Society are fully viewable/readable on Google Print. Unfortunately, the plates didn't show up (as often happens). The titles are:

Google has a few other ANS publications in "snippet view".

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