Sunday, June 18, 2006


PhDiva has been collecting newspaper stories on additional Turkish thefts: Time Magazine, Associated Press, New York Times.

CNG 72 Prices Realized are available. Barry Murphy says coin prices are higher, and that many in-print books are selling at auction for over retail. Barry also noticed this at the Malter auction. Perhaps some new folks are becomming interested in books?

David Welsh reports that Joel Malter passed away between days of his multi-day auction.

MvR and Arthur Brand have two new coin reports, neither of which has independent verification. The first is that CNG bought a dekadrachm that turned out to be fake. The second is that the Numismatic Museum in Athens bought a looted dekadrachm. Arthur Brand claims to be writing a book on "the Carchemish hoard" (in Dutch, not in English). I wish him success. Brand claimed for years to be creating a web site on looted coins which never materialized.

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