Friday, June 23, 2006

More follow-ups

People's Daily Online reported the exact amount CNG paid for the Eid Mar denarius seized by the Greek government: £18,000 (or about $32,750). Dr. Hubert Lanz claimed on CoinForgeryDiscussionList to know that the denarius is a recent forgery.

Arthur Brand's book, Het verboden Judas-evangelie en de schat van Carchemish, on the Carchemish hoard was published by Uitgeverij Aspekt B.V. It is described in the publisher's PDF catalog and can be purchased from online Netherlands bookstores including (search on Carchemish). The book is apparently not limited to coin smuggling; the title mentions the Gospel of Judas. The publisher's description says the book also covers the James Brother of Jesus Ossuary and the (Cleveland?) Apollo Sauroktonos. An English translation of some Carchemish material appears on MvR's site and includes pictures of three Athenian dekadrachms, a Delphi tridrachm, and an interesting Cypriot stater.

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