Friday, January 23, 2009

Ancient Coins Were Shaped Like Hams

Barbara Seuling's children's book Ancient Coins Were Shaped Like Hams: and Other Freaky Facts About Coins, Bills, and Counterfeiting came out in February 2008 but I was previously unaware of it. I'd like to nominate Matthew Skeens's cover art for most rediculous cover to a numismatic book for 2008.

Only $5 new from Amazon. I haven't actually seen the book; if any readers have a copy please post a mini review in the comments section.

(Why am I shilling for Amazon on the blog? I now have an Amazon Associates ID; if you order the book through the link above I get a few cents. Since joining this program two months ago I've earned $2.16.)


Voz Earl said...

The cover is quite Dr. Seuss-ish. Must be a play on Green Eggs and Ham.

Blogger said...
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