Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New York International Numismatic Convention

The New York International Numismatic Convention is this week. I was there on Sunday to inspect some auction lots I'm considering bidding upon. The auctions run throughout the week. The floor sales start with a $100 'preview' on Thursday. The regular show runs Friday-Sunday. Admission is $10 or $5 with coupon.

The free educational program is on Saturday. The lectures are Prue Fitts, Money as a Means of Propagranda: Visual Propoganda on Coins of the Eastern Roman Empire in the Heraclian and Isurian Dynasties; John Sallay, Technology and Numismatics (Medal Collectors of America); Howard A. Minners, The Origins of the Taler; Patrick Guillard, The French Numismatic Market: No Bailout Required; David Michaels, Address to the Troops: Adlocutio and Related Scenes on Roman Coinage, Arthur Fitts, Tudor and Stuart Propaganda: How Money Talks.

Most coins at the show look expensive because the dealers put their best coins on their tables under glass. Ask if there are any boxes of coins to look at. Doug Smith's account of a coin show is good. He is talking about a Baltimore show which is much smaller for ancients than NYINC.

Note: I hope to attend this show Friday afternoon. The rest of the week is iffy for me because of personal stuff.

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