Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Eric P Newman Seminar reading list: the general Roman and Byzantine titles

(this is part 5 of a series on the ANS Seminar reading list. I haven't actually read any of the basic Roman and Byzantine titles so take this post with a grain of salt.)

Andrew Burnett's Coinage in the Roman World has been reprinted by Spink and is available new from Charles Davis for $38 but not in the usual online shops.

Ted Buttrey's paper "The Morgantina Excavations and the Date of the Roman Denarius" is in Morgantina Studies II: The Coins which is out-of-print but can be found in the usual online shops like ABE starting at $60. This is supposed to be a pretty important title for Republican numismatics. Before this paper (1961) different dates were assigned to the coin types. This paper proves and explains the new dating.

Ken Harl's Coinage in the Roman Economy, 300 B.C. to A.D. 700 has a preview on Google Book Search. It's in print; Amazon sells it new for $56.80.

P. D. Whitting's Byzantine Coins can be found on ABE starting at $25. Philip Grierson's Byzantine Coins is available but pricey: $295 was the cheapest I found. Amazon thinks it has a used copy for $626.

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mauseus said...

Holy cow! The grierson Byzantine book is good, but wow, more than $600 on Amazon.

I was in a remainder bookshop in Leeds during my luch break in 1990. A sales rep was trying to get the owner to purchase a copy. I persuaded the owner to get at least one so I could have it ($40 equivalent in those days) and I think he bought three or four - all snapped up, I don't think he could believe it.