Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Eric P Newman Seminar reading list: numismatic bibliographies listed in the Greek section

(this is part 7 of a series on the ANS Seminar reading list.)

The Greek Bibliography is in Microsoft Word format. It begins by recommending the general bibliographies Numismatic Literature and Surveys of Numismatic Research.

Numismatic Literature gives English summaries of every important numismatic article published in every language. There are a few useful web resources for it. (The title makes it hard to search the Internet for it!) The ANS has a search engine for volumes 1-6 and 95-140 at This page doesn't seem to be linked to the main site any more. Harry Bass paid for the digitization and he has a page explaining the search although the links are stale. The data for volumes 144-149 are also available online.

Volumes 141-149 can be purchased from David Brown, the price is $4 for 141 and 142, $22 for 143, $40 for 144, and $50 for the others.

I purchased about 100 issues of this journal, including many duplicates, cheaply at auction. I had hoped to sell the duplicates to recoup my expense but no one wants them. (Drop me a line if you want any issues from the '70s-'90s cheap.) The volumes are worthwhile but storage is a problem. I could make room for a bibliography of ancients but that's only a fraction of each volume. At the ANS book sale I was offered a complete set back to the '40s for free and didn't take it as I lacked a way to transport it and shelves to put it on.

The Surveys of Numismatic Research are similar but I haven't actually read any. Van der Dussen sells the 1972-2001 volumes for between 29 and 127.50 euro per issue. The volumes are pretty massive. The 1966 three volume set can be had cheaply; $10 from David Brown and sometimes cheaper on eBay.

The final bibliographic item is the ANS library Dictionary Catalogue which is just a photocopy of the card catalog before it went online. Use the online version.

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