Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Director Akbiyikoglu believes treasure is cursed

Follow-up on Uşak coin and broach theft:

The New York Times is reporting that nine people have been detained as suspects.

The Times has a picture of stolen gold pin. Also a quote from the chief officer of the Ushak culture and tourism department: "'In the past five years 769 people visited the museum,' in total."

Hürriyet is reporting that 32 other museums are going to take inventories to make sure nothing else has been stolen. Hürriyet says two unidentified thieves tried to sell it to collectors for $2,000,000, but different thieves stole the treasure from the first thieves.

The Scotsman is reporting diretor Akbiyikoglu's theory. It's a curse!

Mr Akbiyikoglu has denied any role in the thefts. "I didn't believe the villagers who found this treasure when they said that it was cursed," he told Turkish journalists when informed of police investigations last month. "But they were right. The curse killed them one by one. Now it has caught up with me too."

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