Friday, May 26, 2006

Numismatic eBooks

Some numismatic-related eBooks I found on

Excavations at Nemea III by Knapp and Isaac. List price $70 (as opposed to $135 for the hardcover). Adobe eBook format, allows 10 pages to be printed every 30 days, no copying.

Coins and Power in Late Iron Age Britain by Creighton. List $90 (as opposed to $90 for the hardcover; but Amazon sells the eBook for only $72). Adobe format, allows 20 pages to be printed every 30 days and 5 pages to be copied every 30 days.

Ancient History from Coins by Howgego. Adobe, Mobipocket and Microsoft formats, $30 (as opposed to $30 for the paperback; but Amazon sells the download for $25). No printing, no copying.

Money and the Early Greek Mind by Seaford. $26 (as opposed to $32 for the paperback and $80 for the hardcover). Adobe format, allows 20 pages of printg and 5 pages of copying every 30 days.

I haven't seen them as eBooks and can't review them as such. The Seaford and the Howgego I've read (or started to read) in paperback. Both are excellent.

I haven't purchased an eBook since Elibron/Adament stopped selling them. The lack of "copying" (I assume this means cut-and-paste) is maddening. I like to copy small snippets, like coin descriptions, to my word processor. Any DRM that prohibits that would drive me mad.

Anyone know of other titles?

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