Thursday, May 11, 2006

Numismatic book reviews looks like it would be a useful site if people actually used it. Site seems like a ghost town, although someone went to the trouble to put a lot of book information in.

Google has a feature (part of Advanced Search) that reveals who links to a web page. According to Google, only links to the numibooks main page.

I was wondering how the site was doing and tried searching for it but had a hard time finding it. I couldn't remember the name and searching on terms like 'numismatic', 'book', 'review' didn't help.

I don't know if the site is a labour of love by some collector or just a way to harvest Amazon referral money.

I still haven't found an Internet replacement for my trusty copy of Kroh's Ancient Coin Reference Reviews. At $25, this is one of the bargains of ancient numismatics.

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