Thursday, May 25, 2006

Printed in China

The 2004/2005 issue of American Journal of Numismatics arrived yesterday. This volume has 303 pages and 48 plates and combines volume 16 and 17.

I enjoyed Janick and Santini's paper “Street Money: distribution and analysis” which analyses statistically some 8331 coins and bills found on the street in West Lafayette, Indiana over a 10 year period. The methodology is similar to the analysis of finds of ancient coins.

Volume 16/17 was printed in China. The name of the printer isn't given, nor the typesetter. I don't have volume 15 handy but my other ANS books (SNGs and Numismatic Studies) were printed in the US or Belgium.

Perhaps the ANS has found a way to print the Journal cheaply? I don't know how much it costs to print a volume — but the ANS charges $25 more for a year's membership to members who want the Journal. The ANS annual report says the ANS spent $106,023 on printing and publications in 2004, which I imagine includes the 2003 AJN, 3 issues of the magazine, and any books that came out that year.

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