Thursday, January 05, 2006

Anyone know how to configure BlueTooth on Thinkpads running Windows XP?

Anyone know how to configure BlueTooth on Thinkpads running Windows XP?

Fn-F5 brings up a menu that allows 802.11 and Bluetooth to be turned on and off. Turning on Bluetooth installed something.

Attempting to open "My Bluetooth Places", on the Explorer and/or Desktop, does nothing. (No error messages)

Attempting to open "Bluetooth Configuration" on the Control Panel does nothing. (No error messages)

The Windows Device Manager sees "IBM Integrated Bluetooth II" under "Bluetooth Devices".

The System tray has a bluetooth icon. Right-clicking it gives me the choice "Start Using Bluetooth". Selecting that yields an error message:

"You cannot install an older version of Bluetooth Software over a newer version of Bluetooth Software. [-349]". It them presents me with a file picker dialog that is looking for license.dat in My Documents. (I only have one such file, in c:\wxpdrive\repos\BTHWXP10. Selecting it gives another copy of the same message.) The BTHWXP10 directory seems to hold a WIDCOMM Bluetooth driver.

Does this mean the System Tray includes a BLUETOOTH INSTALL PROGRAM?!? What a waste of tray space, putting install programs there! Especially ones that don't work and can't be removed from the tray.

It seems I'm struck. Anyone encounter this problem before? What was the solution?

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Did Iraqi border police recover museum artifacts yesterday?

Azzamaz reporter Saadoun al-Jaberi is reporting that Iraqi border police have seized 174 items that were looted from the Iraq museum

CPProt is also carrying the same story.

I hope it's true. Unfortunately the article says the recovered pieces include silver bracelets, rings, and chains.

Except for a few large treasures the stolen pieces were: pins, seals, "pottery pieces", pendants, and bronze weapons. Perhaps the pendants were on silver chains? Otherwise I see no correlation between the missing pieces and the smuggled pieces.