Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eric P Newman Seminar reading list: the general Greek titles

(this is part 4 of a series on the ANS Seminar reading list. I haven't actually read any of the basic Greek titles so take this post with a grain of salt.)

Coinage in the Greek World has been reprinted by Spink for with new copies for £20. Charles Davis sells it in the USA. Surprisingly this book is totally unavailable new from the usual online bookstores. The first edition can be found used for under $40.

Jenkins was reprinted again in 2004 and that edition can be obtained new from the same dealers ($65 from Charles Davis). Used copies available under $50.

I've never seen the Kraay, Kroll, or Robinson papers but Journal of Hellenic Studies and the American Journal of Archaeology are available in most research libraries. JSTOR will sell “Dating the Earliest Coins of Athens, Corinth, and Aegina” for $10. Supposedly JSTOR has the Journal of Hellenic Studies but JSTOR wouldn't let me search for it as I lack an account!

The 1937 first edition Royal Greek Portrait Coins is seems widely available used for $6 plus; there is also a Durst reprint that is a little more.


Bob said...

I have Jenkins' Ancient Greek Coins and I recommend it highly. The Davis link says 182 pages, but my copy is over 300. (I think 182 is just a misprint.) It's not an identification reference, but rather a century-by-century narrative history of Greek coinage, very detailed and well illustrated.

Anonymous said...

Ed, to search for articles on JSTOR if you don't have an account, just use Google. I enter the exact name of the article as a phrase and include JSTOR as a separate word. If the article is on JSTOR you will find it. And often you can buy it. I've bought many articles that way. (But don't get me started with the frustration of not being able to join JSTOR. Grrrr.)