Thursday, February 21, 2008

Notes on Kolbe 105

The downloadable catalog is a “SECURED” PDF! Printing the catalog is allowed, but selecting text, copying it to the clipboard, and pasting it into another document is disabled. For example, pasting information about particular lots into a blog is not allowed.

(DRM is irritating. For historical sciences like numismatics it's especially painful because so much depends upon what has been said before.)

Lot 29 was a surprise to me. It's a CD-ROM of the Library catalogue of British and Royal Numismatic Societies. I wasn't aware of this title, although The ANS library has a copy (in the multi-media section — also new to me). The ANS entry implies the disks were a suppliment to the 2003 Numismatic Chronical.

Catalog 105 follows the usual Kolbe format of being first divided into consigners, then arranged alphabetically by author within each consignment. I don't understand the arrangement; I'd prefer to see it first arranged by subject. So ancient coin books can be found in lots 1-447, and also 582-623. Perhaps this is a good arrangement for future scholars tracing back ownership of books?

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